How To Study – Quick and easy

Studying effectively is a skill that everyone should know, but you don’t learn that in school. There is no need to spend your time learning new study skills. The results depends on your habits and how you manage your time wisely. Your habits are your foundation and with that you can analyze what you need.

How to study – What and how you will learn in this and the next episodes

You will learn how to manage the time and the workload that arises. It goes without saying that good and very good grades depend on how you manage your available time and its workload. Let’s get started.


You Need to Put in the Work

I’m not saying it will be easy. Learning something new is hard. It’s supposed to be. Obtaining new knowledge is similar to working out. Just as a muscle needs discomfort to grow, your brain needs discomfort to build new neural connections.

Students suffers of anxiety caused by uncertainly, about not having enough time and about not knowing how to study the right way. but when you have a plan or you feel you have everthing under control, incertainty is gone and you start using your time and skills wisely.


How to study – Create your Study plan

  • How do I use my time? Am I trying to do too much?
  • How much study time do I have left?
  • What are the tasks that I have to get done?
  • How long is each task going to take?
  • Do I have enough time to get each task done?
  • When will I study?
  • Where will I study?
  • How will I study?
  • How will I take notes, read textbooks, and study for exams?
  • How will I keep everything organized?
  • What will I do when things change?
  • Where will I seek extra help?

When you know the answers, you will have a plan and a system – a consistent way of doing things the same way, every day, that will get me a predictable result. Better grades with less stress and more time for fun.

You shouldn’t have to think about it. You should do it automatically because it works. No more guessing and no surprises. You will become a well-oiled, A’s getting study machine.


The 5 Things you Need to Do

All I need to do to succeed in school are these 5 things:

  1. Create my schedule
  2. Organize my tasks
  3. Plan when I’ll do each task
  4. Follow good study habits
  5. Study with the exam in mind

It’s time to get started, but before I do, there’s one more question I need to ask myself. Will I follow through?

There will be lots of difficulty and frustration ahead. Am I willing to commit to the effort? Nothing else will matter unless I truly care. It all starts there.


Do you Have the Right Mindset?

Before I start building my study plan, you need to ask yourself something that matters more than any study method.

Am I confident that I can do it?

Do I want to do it?

Will I do it?

No amount of planning, organization, or good study habits will help you succeed unless you first believe that YOU can. College (or any other school for that matter) will be fun, but hard too. You have to be willing to do a lot of things that you may not want to do. You have to believe in yourself


There are two mindsets: — Fixed and Growth

Fixed Mindset

Students with a fixed mindset believe that they have a certain level of abilities and that they can’t or are not good at something. It’s fixed and they really can’t do anything about it. They say things like…

“I don’t test well.”

“I was never good at math.”

When students with a fixed mindset have difficulties, they tend to give up easily. It’s often the cause of dropping classes, changing majors, and even quitting college completely.


Growth Mindset

Students with a growth mindset view difficulties as challenges to be overcome. They believe that effort determines the outcome. If they are not good at something, it’s only because they I don’t  have the foundation or the experienceand they need to work harder.

Students with a growth mindset view difficulties as challenges to be overcome.

I Need to Be Aware of My Own Mindset

No matter what’s your mindset really is, what’s important is that you are aware of it.

If you are  doubting of myself, you need to realize it and switch into believing that youcan do anything.

Your goal is to get a good grade and learn everything, whether you think you like it or not. Always think you will have a passion for learning.

Always think your mindset is totally growth.Trust in yourself , you can accomplish anything that you in life, in college / law school / med school etc….

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