Senior year is a very defining year for high-school students. Some of them have already been accepted to college, others are considering sabbatical, and others are a little confused (which is totally okay, JCT4Education is here to help!). Senior year in high school is the stepping-stone to college, although it is also a very important time to spend time with your family and friends before each one starts their own path as they start a new chapter in their lives. Even Though, students should make the most of their remaining high school times with family and friends, academics can not be left behind, especially as such a crucial point like the last and final year of high school. So we will help you out with some tips and tricks to make sure you make the best of it before heading out to college!

1. Continue making campus visits!

Don’t stop making campus visits, make a list of the ones you like the most or even the ones you are not 100% sure just take into consideration all of them and make an assertive decision. Even if you cannot go visit the college personally, you could book online/virtual tours or even attend college student forums.

2. Take (or retake) the ACT or SAT Tests

Almost every college in the United States requires the ACT or SAT exams as an entry exam and requirement for application. Although the majority of high school students take the ACT and SAT during their junior year, they can retake them (or take them if they haven’t yet), in order to get a higher score, which will help their acceptance possibilities, and also help them qualify for potential scholarships. So it’s definitely worth giving it a chance!

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3. Use a calendar

Applying to colleges can be stressful, there is a lot to be done and a lot to turn in on certain deadlines. Having a calendar can help you stay organized, remind of deadlines and upcoming dates, stay on track with application deadlines, and upcoming college events. We definitely advise to have a calendar, or an agenda even, so you don’t completely rely on your memory and go crazy or miss on important stuff!

4. Meet with your counselor

Make sure you meet with your counselor so that you can both set up for your last year, hence putting you in a good position for college. Discuss everything that’s on your mind regarding college with your counselor in order to get better advising on your future decision. Keep your counselor up to date and posted on your application process, it is crucial your counselor helps you with a fresh set of eyes and revising before officially submitting to you college application.

5.Prepare yourself!

It is not easy to leave home and transition into a new life of independence, so we suggest students start preparing their minds for what’s about to come! Students leave a life they’ve been used to and move into a new life of independence freedom, so we advise you to prepare yourselves to learn a little more about time management, about saving money and working with a predetermined budget, and finally be yourselves no matter what! College is a brand new experience and it is definitely worth learning for, while you will definitely learn a lot through those years, we suggest you come prepared to manage your own time and freedom in a wisely manner!

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