JCT4, Juan Camilo, Anna and Team:
Our sincere thanks to you ranks among our top 5 highest shows of appreciation in Gelbstein Family’s history.
Katia found  you all an incredible team that enhanced her talent and effort, allowing her to achieve her desired goal: Admission to a top Pre-Med School.
I am Katia’s father and an engineer who always erred on controlling and micromanaging the important things in our family. I didn’t expect that my behavior would be any different when it came to helping my daughter get into medical school. None of that happened in this case. JCT4 convinced me from the beginning that Katia and the team would be the natural “drivers” responsible for the entire process. JCT4 kept true to their word with more than enough solid and rational arguments, precise record tracking, appreciated human warmth, and that intangible synergy that a team transmits when its teammates know and love what they do. JCT4 did all this with fine humility and guided purpose.
Throughout the whole process, which had the elegant simplicity of all things well constructed and well organized, we were always kept up to date and informed with enough time for any decision that had to be made.
JCT4 has the optimal balance between their own professionalism, experience, talent, and informative expertise, and their conducive and transparent connections with colleges and universities. The resulting wisdom and intelligence they present to students allow them to decide on their best options, grounded in reality.
We had no doubt the results were going to satisfy us. Even so, we were surprised to have our expectations exceeded in a consistent, disciplined and relaxed atmosphere.
The best way we can give our gratitude for this milestone in Katia’s life and in ours is to give our testimony to anyone who reads these words and who is deciding how to navigate such an important journey in their own family. The JCT4 Team is a top player that, without a doubt, will give you the same satisfaction that it gave us and so many others.
Congratulations Katia! Congratulations and many thanks to JCT4!

– Veronica & Antonio Gelbstein, Parents of Katia Gelbstein, Argentina/Miami, Class of 2021 –

The whole team at JCT4EDUCATION is incredibly professional. Anna,Juan Camilo and everyone involved are very dedicated in helping their students get admitted to their first choice universities. I loved the fact that Anna and Juan Camilo were able to talk outside of our scheduled meeting times if an emergency had occurred or urgent consultation was needed. What was also important to me as an international student is filling out certain documents in order to transfer to a new institution, and Anna was brilliant and very knowledgeable in navigating me in that matter. I want to say massive thanks to Ray for helping me craft the perfect essays since he really knows what the universities want to see in your writing.

I have worked with couple different college counselors prior to meeting Anna and Juan Camilo and I can definitely say they are the best in what they do, always going out of their way to help their students compose a perfect email, fill out the documents correctly and have their essays at the highest level possible. I believe if not for we’re the whole team at JCT4EDUCATION I would not be able to transfer to my desired university. Massive thanks to Anna,Juan Camilo, Christian and Ray. It would not be possible without you!

– Yana Varzhapetyan, Student, Armenia, Class of 2021 –

Dear JCT4Education

Thanks for helping our family on the journey to get Nicholas to University , your personal attention and support has been greatly appreciated.

– Avellan Family , Venezuela/Colombia/Miami, Class of 2021 –

We are very grateful to JCT4 EDUCATION !!!

Excellent group of professionals, who with their ethics and responsibility achieved the proposed objectives with our family. Their guidance and advice were of great help and support to guide us during this stage of important decisions and challenges.

We are happy to have shared with you! Thank you Juan Camilo and Ana we appreciate you very much!!!!

– Ortega Family , Venezuela/Miami, Class of 2021 –

“Juan Camilo guided my family in an incredible manner during the process for college applications of my three children, ultimately accomplishing not only that each one entered the school of their dreams but also guiding us with all his support, experience and understanding throughout the process. As a family, we are very grateful to JCT4Eduction for their guidance and assistance throughout the journey” 

– Fernando & Lorena Guardazzi, Key Biscayne, 2021

Deeply grateful to work with Juan-Camilo Tamayo, Ana Barr and Christian Safie. It was more like a family experience than a professional experience.

As parents, feeling confident that our most precious beings are wisely accompanied, makes us feel immensely fortunate. It was a privilege to share this journey with you…The feeling is that our daughter was not only oriented in her professional vocation, but was also guided comprehensively with her intellectual abilities, talent, preferences, social and family environment and how to be completed as such.

The process involved us all in one way or another that we feel you are like family now. We hope that soon you can help us in the same context with our other children and even us, as parents.

– Macedo Rodriguez Family, Parents of Fabiana Macedo , Venezuela/Miami, Class of 2023 –

To the entire JCT4education team, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for your effort, dedication, and support during all these years. You gave us much more than we ever expected to receive, you made us feel like family. The way you cared for us was priceless, the constant words of encouragement, the wisdom you shared with us, the light you brought to us in moments of uncertainty, your support and the unconditional love for Nicole was amazing. For us, the greatest blessing was to see the connection that you created with Nicole. To know that Nicole was not just another “client” but a person that you cared about was comforting. There are no words to thank you enough or to express our gratitude. Hugs and kisses!!

– Monica Aristizabal, Parent, Key Biscayne, 2019 –

I’m the oldest of 3 siblings and I’m the first one in my whole family to study in the United States. My parents and I had no idea what to do for the college application process, which is why I’m eternally grateful to Juan Camilo and his incredible team. They opened up doors to amazing colleges and guided me through the whole process. They gave me a sense of peace and clarity in this very stressful stage in my life.

– Dino Vierci Vitti, Student, Miami/Paraguay/Brazil, Class of 2022 –

Having had the privilege of being guided by the JCT4Education team in such a crucial turning point in my life has been an experience I truly recommend. At first choosing what and where to study might be scary. As a teenager you are not that ready to decide what you really want to study but working together with JCT4Education allowed me to objectively model the path I saw as ideal in this college decision process. From taking aptitude tests that oriented me into careers I might be prone to study, researching about different universities, to getting to know myself and understand my preferences where some of the many things I learned in this 2 year journey. However, even though all the experiences mentioned above were important for my decisions, the one I am the most grateful for is the importance of following what you love to do and showing me that at the end of the day what is important is to seek a future where you can achieve happiness at whatever you do. I would like to give special thanks to Maria Cristina Royett and Matt Biffano who were there for me at every moment. Either helping me out with my decisions, or checking that I got my applications done I really felt that I had the right guidance while still feeling I worked independently. Moreover, the bond I created with them has evolved to a friendship that will last a lifetime and that is what I believe makes JCT4Education so unique. Its ability to provide high quality guidance, maintain a professional relationship with its students and still feel in a welcoming environment. I couldn’t feel more privileged of being able to have the JCT4Education team guiding me in this path. It is really a privilege that not everyone has and one that I truly encourage you to take advantage of.

– Sebastian Tona, Student 2021 –

We thank you and the entire team at your company for the great result obtained by David on the SAT. David has always been an outstanding student and this allowed him to achieve a good score on the SAT practice tests, however that score was not enough for the universities to which he aspired. The continuous and concentrated practice of the techniques that David learned in the JCT4Education Seminar in Medellín, Colombia, allowed him to increase his performance in the test in order to reach the outstanding score that will allow him to aspire to the best universities in the world.

– Ricardo Nieto, Parent, Bogota-Colombia, Class of 2023 – 

Sometimes, we would think that when we go to college, we already know what we want, but the truth is that this is not always the case. It took me two years to realize that I was in the wrong place and studying the wrong career…this was not easy to absorb, much less the decision to change university was slight. Juan Camilo, Christian and the entire JCT4Education family were a huge support in my decision to change university. They accompanied me throughout the application process and were always willing to help me with my thousand and one questions. It was an excellent experience to have had the opportunity to work with a group of people who really care about seeing you happy with the results. After all, the university is our space to grow and to perform as individuals outside our homes and that is why it is so important to choose a place that allows us to do exactly that. Many thanks to JCT4Education for helping me find the right place for me.

 –  Ana Maria Gomez, Cali, Colombia, Transfer –

As a student, I could not be happier with the way in which Juan Camilo and his incredible team guided me through the college admission process. There is no denying that applying to colleges is highly stressful; however, from the first day that I met Juan Camilo, I felt a sense of relief knowing that I had someone so prepared and kind to guide me. Juan Camilo and his team made me feel highly equipped to take on college applications. Not only were they highly organized and ready at all times to take care of any problems, questions, and concerns, but the whole team was extremely welcoming; they were charismatic and amicable. It was beautiful to work with them.

Before meeting Juan Camilo, I recoiled from talking about colleges. Whenever my family or school administrators would bring up the whole application process, I would feel immediately stressed. Thankfully, after meeting Juan Camilo, I completely changed my attitude towards this process. They gave me deadlines, organized lists of things that needed to be completed, and advised me as to how to truly demonstrate who I am to colleges. I felt secure, ready, and happy with my applications. I spent months being terrified of the college process and of feeling insecure about my abilities, and now, thanks to the whole team, I was accepted by my top choice! I could not be happier, and I am extremely grateful for everything that you guys have done for me. You’re amazing, Juank, thank you!!

– Victoria Ruesch, Student, Argentina/Miami, Class of 2022 –

We are extremely grateful to Juan-Camilo and his team for guiding our daughter Isabella, through the overwhelming process of finding the right college fit for her and aiding in her preparation to achieving her goal. JCT4Education’s thorough dedication and constant support propelled Isabella’s pursuit and achievement of being accepted at the university of her dreams!  Thank you for your professional guidance and friendship Juank.

– The Isaza Family, Miami/Colombia, Class of 2021 –

“The experience with JCT4E was fantastic. Besides giving me constant follow-ups throughout the process, the staff was always eager to solve any doubts I had with immediate solutions. I felt like I was never abandoned throughout my application process. Additionally, JCT4’s staff always gave me valuable advise regarding each University’s quality. For someone who is serious about going to a good college, I highly recommend JCT4 Education!”

– Camilo Cortes, Graduate Student, Bogota-Colombia, Class of 2020 –

I want to thank Juank and the entire team for helping me throughout this arduous and important process. Everything I know and have achieved is a result of the mentoring of the amazing group of people Juank presented me with. They not only meet all expectations, they exceed them. The JCT4Education team works in a very difficult environment, adapting to every type of student seeking their help. Students are demanding and often inflexible. It takes a team filled with great talent, creativity, and perseverance to succeed in a task as difficult as theirs. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their hours of hard work. Their guidance was pivotal in my application process. Their advice and support brought me amazing opportunities! Thank you for everything!! 

– Juana Diez De Onate, Student, Argentina/USA, Class of 2021 –

We are eternally grateful for the assistance that Juan Camilo and his team provided us in this important process. His team was fully engaged in all the decisions and steps that every application involved.  Juan Camilo was a full-time support and with his vast experience gave us great confidence to move forward in the best way. The results were excellent, thanks to the effort from all of us and the support from JCT4Education. Again, thank you for all your support.

– The de Lima Family,  Class of 2018 –

We didn’t know when, how, or where to start when college applications approached.  From the first meeting with Juan Camilo, we felt he was the perfect fit for what we were looking for. Not only did we value his professionalism when handling the application process, but his knowledge, enthusiasm, and charm also made this a wonderful and enjoyable adventure. Interacting with his team was such a wonderful experience; if we were to go back in time and make the decision again, no doubt we would have chosen JCT4 Education.  Thank you Juan Camilo for taking into account each and every detail. We couldn’t be happier with what has been accomplished.

 – The Bernal-Acosta Family, Class of 2018 –

It felt like just a couple weeks ago that I had my first meeting with Juank and the JCT4Education Team back even before my junior year. For the last two and a half years Juank has been pushing me to do my best at everything and to perfect all aspects of my college applications. I remember one time we were talking on a Friday afternoon and he told me to have two full essays written and sent to him to revise for a school by Monday night. Trust me—there wasn’t a smile on my face. Needless to say, at times it was hard work. But when I saw the word “Congratulations!” written as the first word on my admission letter from my first choice school, I knew every minute of perfecting my essays, resumes, applications, and grades had all been worth it.

I really enjoyed my experience with the JCT4Education Team and was very impressed how they stayed on top of me to get all of my necessary work done. Definitely a 5 out of 5!

– Alexander Aixala, Key Biscayne, Class of 2020 –

The college application process in the USA has become increasingly competitive and complex, which is why services, such as those provided by Juan Camilo, have become indispensable. Juan Camilo, right from the outset, provided us with a clear understanding of what was required, and he continued to be a steady source of counsel and reassurance throughout the application process. We wouldn’t have been able to navigate through all the preparations and choices without him. 

Juan Camilo is a true professional. He gets to know his students and their parents extremely well, so that he can find a perfect match between their interests and preferences and the prospective universities. He remains in close and regular contact, is both disciplined and demanding, and organizes his counseling sessions in a timely manner. It is quite apparent that Juan Camilo has an extensive list of contacts throughout the universe of universities in the country, and he helped us tremendously with contacts and schedules for university visits.

We cannot thank Juan Camilo enough. His support and encouragement have meant a great deal to us, and we will forever be grateful for the generous amount of time and care he contributed to our application process. He has become a good friend, and we can recommend him unreservedly. Thank you, Juan K for all your commitment and support!!

– Karl Lippert & Juanita San Miguel, Parents, Colombia –

As we grow older we encounter decisions, problems, and tasks around every corner. Every choice, no matter how small, is important. These decisions and problems can vary from correcting and sending a simple email to deciding where you will spend the next four years of your life, and eventually, who you wish to become. Unfortunately many of us, like myself, are unable to look as far into the future as we would like. Thankfully, there is a remarkable team that is able to read between the lines and help clear the path for college-bound applicants. Juan Camilo’s team provides the proper tools and assistance to make that happen and their work is extraordinary. Their most exceptional tool is their love of their clients, and their encouragement. It is this drive and encouragement that helped me succeed. 

– Enrique Barco, Class of 2017, U.S.A. –

There are no words to thank Juan Camilo and his team. They helped us throughout the college application process  in an exceptional and extremely professional manner. They also became part of our family; Juan Camilo, with his personality, turned each session into moments full of fun and optimism. We are so thankful for our experiences with Juan Camilo and fully recommend JCT4Education to those interested in receiving the best professional help in finding the right college. For the three of us, they did a wonderful job by motivating us and dedicating all the time the three of us needed…thank you for everything!

– Rivera Sisters (Geovanna, Michelle & Nicole), El Salvador, Class of 2018 –

“Words cannot express the gratitude I have for everything Juan Camilo Tamayo has done for me. From the moment I met him at an interview in Lynn University, to this day, I still call him for advice on everything that involves my career. Juan Camilo has helped me propel my career in a way I never thought possible. He has been a guide/mentor and has helped me accomplish everything I ever wanted. Meeting him changed my life, I have yet to come across an individual that knows as much as he does. From choosing a university and getting accepted, to finding the right job after graduation, Juan Camilo is irreplaceable.”  

 -José F. Del Corral, B.S.B.A. –

There are no words for us to express our gratitude.  You have been such a guiding light for our kids.  You are an incredible professional which is very knowledgeable but what really makes a difference is how involved and dedicated you are to your students.  You become such a big part of their life and they really feel the support you give them not only as a counselor but as a true friend they trust.  You are a real blessing in our lives.”

 – Mike Aixala & Brigitte Nachtigall, Parents, Class of 2016 –

Juan Camilo, with his great dynamism and charisma makes the often tortuous road to the University a pleasant experience, full of surprises and learning for the whole family. Juan Camilo has been a very effective bridge of communication between us, Parents, and our son Enrique. “JuanK”, as we call him at home, has made, through an innovative and specialized learning mechanism, that Enrique himself, find his true path and discover his great potential. It has been a pleasure to work with “JuanK”, his work is professional, passionate and simple and thus, is transmitted to our children, which we hope will follow suit in any goal that they intend to achieve! JuanK, thank you for being in our lives!

–  Eduardo Barco & Angela Maria Tafur, Parents, Class of 2018 –

As parents of Isabella and Kike, we are truly grateful with Juan Camilo for his great support and advice regarding the college admission process of our children. With our oldest daughter, Isabella, it was a whole new experience since none of us have studied outside Venezuela, where the process of college admission is very simple and with very few alternatives…When the time arrived, we felt completely overwhelmed and confused, the more information we received from thousands of universities the more confusing everything became for us. We did not know where our precious treasure would fit and we only wanted to offer her the best. Here is where Juan Camilo played a very important role in this process, by clarifying our doubts and helping her make the best decision. A year later we had to go through the same process with Kike, who wanted to combine a good college with a good Soccer Program in 1st Division, which was an even more difficult task, but with this wonderful team and with their support, Kike made the decision that most suited him.

Isa is very happy in college, where she completed her 1st year with excellent grades, and most importantly for us, she is very happy! And Kike is about to go to a very prestigious university and the Soccer Program has the number 1 rating in the country! We know that none of this would have been possible without the unconditional support of our dearest Juank! We will always be grateful”.

– Alberto and Beatriz Poleo, Parents, Class of 2018 & 2019, Venezuela –