About Allison Axelrod

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Allison Axelrod has her Master of Education degree from Harvard University and over 5 years of teaching and tutoring experience at the high school and middle school level. While at Harvard, Allison pursued a concentration in human development and psychology as it pertains to the individual needs of each student. She has successfully applied these skills while working with countless students from a variety of backgrounds and with a myriad of learning styles and needs. She has counseled students and families for college readiness and academic support.

Allison has an equal love of both literature and mathematics. She holds a B.A. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English Literature and has worked with studentson college essays both as a tutor and as a leader of high school essay boot camps. Still, she is particularly adept at math having raised test scores and improved grades of students in such courses as Algebra, Precalculus and Geometry.

Allison has taught both large and small groups of high school students in SAT and ACT preparation and is well-versed in standardized exams. In addition, having attended competitive academic institutions herself, she has an understanding of the rigors of the admissions process and the college experience.

Allison has traveled extensively and studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh. She also assisted in the opening of a school in Israel and lived there for over a year. She approaches all of her students not only with a genuine desire for them to maximize their potential, but also as citizens of the world.