About Christian Curran


In high school, Christian was a National Merit Scholar and scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT. He graduated with honors from Wheaton College in Chicago with a degree in English literature and biology. He then worked in tropical agriculture and community development, providing support to underserved populations in some of the poorest regions of the world. Currently, Christian is in his fourth year of medical school. He conducts laboratory and clinical research on the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis, a progressive and debilitating autoimmune condition. Christian loves teaching: he has worked as a private tutor for high school students for the past 8 years in a broad range of academic topics and standardized tests. In addition to working online, one-on-one with students, Christian has served as an instructor at JCT4Education’s in-person conferences.

Christian’s goal is always to empower each student to take control of their own process of learning. He tailors his teaching methods to the learning style of each of his students, offering a flexible and engaging workflow that optimizes his students’ efforts. He creates a relational learning environment where his students are comfortable challenging themselves to try something new or difficult, because they know that they will be met with support and encouragement. Lastly, he places a heavy emphasis on each student’s personal growth throughout this process. By learning to set goals and by keeping track of when and how they are achieved, Christian’s students are able to do more than learn how to succeed on a test; they learn to apply a structure that can be used to find success in many areas of life.

The students who excel on standardized testing are the ones who are comfortable taking charge of their own process of learning, and that is exactly what Christian equips his students to do.

Christian Curran|JCT4Education