About Alejandro Merino

Career Services Specialist

Alejandro Merino was born in New York and spent much of his professional career in Miami Beach, working in the hospitality industry that included managing personnel and training teams in both Corporate and Boutique Hotels. With over 16 years of experience, Alejandro has served with utmost commitment and standards of the highest level which contribute to his strong work ethic and ability to lead young students to achieve the future of their dreams. 

Upon graduation, Alejandro strived to constantly further his education through work experience and dealing with real life situations that required strategic planning and decisive skills to ensure customers feel valued and their needs were met within specified time periods. His illustrious career began very early, seeing job opportunities offered by large hotel corporations in Miami, who appointed Alejandro as their Front office manager, tasked with the duties of managing the hotel’s staff who oversaw the staff from every department. This job aided Alejandro develop essential planning skills and attention to detail that are imperative toward student educational planning especially long term goals that young individuals require to establish successful futures. His experience has additionally expanded into positions running hotels in which Alejandro liaised with other key management staff to guarantee monthly objectives were achieved. 

With his years of experience and expert knowledge,  Alejandro has shifted his focus towards ensuring students have the pathway necessary to become future leaders. Alejandro’s continual efforts has seen great success rates with many students across the United States being accepted into their desired colleges. Alejandro prioritises his students and their families every step of the way to ensure that each individual’s needs are met and independence is developed through his service. He has further managed interviewing and hiring new employees within the firm’s he has worked in which contribute to his extensive understanding of what the working world looks for in new graduates and how best to help individuals land the job they desire. 

Throughout his experienced career, Alejandro has acquired the skills needed to work within organisations such as JCT4Education and is fully committed towards helping the futures of bright young individuals. Alejandro’s experience has greatly shaped his repertoire of skill that will ensure families and students are supported throughout their career application process in addition to other unforeseen obstacles that may hinder an individual’s journey toward success. He is a dedicated member of the JCT4Education team who collectively strive for excellence and high success rates through their comprehensive guidance services.