About Christian E. Safie | BSBA

Director of Graduate studies & Technology| BSBA

Christian Elias Safie graduated from Lynn University in May, 2012, with a degree in Business Administration. During his education he had opportunities to experience living and studying abroad in Rome and Naples, Italy, in addition to Lynn’s campus in Boca Raton, Florida. These experiences are instrumental to his broad view of education and his commitment to helping others attain their goals.

Mr. Safie was born in Pasadena, California, where he lived for 5 years. Being a child of Salvadorian parents, the family moved to El Salvador where he pursued his elementary and high school education. After graduating in 2007 from the American School of El Salvador, Mr. Safie moved to Boca Raton to further his studies at Lynn University. During his time at the University he served as a Resident Assistant and was also the Treasurer for the Organization of Latin American Students.

Mr. Safie’s charismatic and outgoing personality as well as his hard work and dedication earned him success in the college community and accomplishment in his academic pursuits. During his first two years at Lynn University, Mr. Safie was offered the opportunity to study abroad in one of his favorite cities in the world: Rome, Italy. In August, 2010, he began his journey in Italy for what he initially thought was going to be only one year. By the end of that year, he earned an internship with the U.S. Department of State and extended his stay for another six months in Naples, Italy.

Mr. Safie completed his studies abroad, he came back to Lynn University to finish his final semester. After graduation he elected to pursue work in the United States, and in July, 2012, Juan Camilo Tamayo contacted him to assist in organizing a new business, JCT4Education. Mr. Safie began by creating a website for the new company, setting up social networks and resolving technology issues. Since that time, Mr. Safie has used his business background and technology talents to maintain and cultivate the website for JCT4Education while learning new skills in educational services and counseling. In January, 2013, Mr. Safie became the Technology and Development Coordinator for JCT4Education. He is a valuable member of the team and significantly enhances the company’s educational projects with his passion for technology and his dedication to our mission.

As a recent university graduate, Mr. Safie believes in helping others further their education and achieve their goals as he has done. He believes that any student who eagerly pursues education can overcome the hardest of obstacles and achieve ambitious goals with the right guidance and encouragement. With his hard work and his commitment to JCT4Education and the students we serve, Mr. Safie is a talented asset for our client families.

christian safie