About the 4U! Bogota Tour

4U! Bogota Tour

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JCT4Education extends a warm invitation to participate in the upcoming 4U! Bogota and Valledupar University Tour immediately following the CIS Institute in Bogota.

Dates: October 1 – 5, 2023
Location: Bogota and Valledupar, Colombia
Cost: Includes ground transportation, accommodation, breakfast, and lunch.
$2,590 (just Bogota), or $2,900 including Valledupar add-on

By participating in this tour, your university will have the chance to interact directly with motivated and high-achieving students, showcasing your academic programs, scholarships, campus facilities, and any other distinctive aspects that make your institution stand out.

In addition, we will organize a networking event in Bogota with local education consultants and school counselors, allowing you to establish valuable connections and partnerships in the Colombian educational landscape.

We understand the demands of your schedule and assure you that we will do our best to make your participation in this tour rewarding. All logistical arrangements, including transportation, accommodation, and on-ground support, will be managed by our team, who will do everything to make it all worthwhile.


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