JCT4Education Inspire Social Entrepreneurship Summer Program Rules:


1. JCT4Education has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol or drug use. Students found with alcohol or drugs in their possession or in their room will be asked to leave the program. Tuition will NOT be refunded.

2. Students are expected to respect everyone in the community. Discrimination based on age, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, belief, religion or ability is prohibited.

3. Students must sleep in their assigned rooms each night. No boys in girls’ rooms or girls in boys’ rooms.

4. Students are not permitted to leave the hotel or the planned activities on their own and alone unless we have a written authorization by their parents.

5. Students must respect all rules and instruction given by any JCT staff member at all times.

 6.Clothing must be appropriate.

7. JCT4Education is NOT responsible for any articles or possessions that students bring to the program.

8. Students are expected to participate in all planned activities, except in case of illness.

9. Failure to comply with rules will be a reason for expulsion.

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