About Erika Lopez

Project Development Coordinator

Erika López Campero, originally from Medellín, Colombia, moved to the United States at age 6. After completing most of her schooling in Golden, Colorado, she returned to Medellin due to family circumstances and graduated from The Columbus School. Later, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Medellín in 2005. Following this, she lived in England from 2009 to 2012.

For the past 22 years, Erika has dedicated her career to the Colombo Americano Medellín, gaining extensive experience in education and teaching. She has served in various roles, including teaching English as a Foreign Language to teenagers, adults, and local companies, coordinating standardized testing, and advising students on education opportunities in the USA.

 In her role as an EducationUSA Advisor and Standardized Test Coordinator, Erika has guided and impacted over 300 undergraduate, graduate, and intensive English program students. She has provided guidance on applications, conducted workshops, and represented EducationUSA Colombia at numerous international events where she has spoken about higher education in Colombia and what students have accomplished in their pursuit of studying abroad.

 Most recently, Erika managed social media for EducationUSA Colombia, where she successfully increased followers on Instagram and Facebook by 200%.

 Erika is admired for her work ethic, friendliness, and commitment to helping others. She firmly believes in combining culture and education as a catalyst for progress and is excited to now be part of the international JCT4 Education team!

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