About Andrew Shainker


Drawing upon a decade of diverse teaching experience in both public and private education, Andrew stands as a seasoned educator deeply committed to shaping students into confident leaders, articulate public speakers, and adept communicators. His expertise spans a range of areas, including test preparation, public speaking, college essays, and writing. In particular, he takes pride in his consistent ability to guide students to excellence by supporting their writing skills, addressing grammar, refining spelling, and instilling vivid storytelling techniques.

Beyond Andrew’s teaching prowess and commitment to student success, his achievements extend to published writing in esteemed international publications. Currently, he is writting his own book—a project that underscores his unwavering dedication to nurturing robust writing abilities.

What truly sets him apart is his global perspective, cultivated through extensive travel to 82 different countries. This perspective has allowed him the privilege of sharing my knowledge with students around the world, resulting in remarkable success stories.

Having graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University, he decided to further enhance his educational impact. Obtaining his Arizona teaching license with Moreland University, and now he is currently  completing his master’s at Suny Buffalo State University. This unique blend of journalistic education and teaching credentials enriches his perspective, amplifying his ability to catalyze transformation in students striving for excellence.

Andrew takes pride in offering holistic support, fostering a comprehensive approach to language and communication. He is eagerly anticipating with JCT4Education students personal growth.

Andrew Shainke