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“Sometimes all you need is a great tour, a sense of humor, and a taste for adventure to touch the future.”


We invite university representatives to join the 4U! Colombia Extended Tour in the Spring of 2025. This unique tour is extended to include not only visits to schools in major cities but also a special detour to Colombia’s “Eje Cafetero” – the beautiful coffee region. Here, we will visit Pereira, Manizales and Armenia, and will host an exclusive professional development session and a counselor fly-in program, offering a deep dive into the educational landscape and rich culture of the region. The tour will culminate in Bogotá, timed to coincide with the CIS Regional Institute, providing additional networking opportunities. You have the option to register for the full extended tour, or simply join us for the Bogotá portion. Don’t miss this chance to explore Colombia and connect with counselors, students and families eager to meet you!

What are U waiting 4? The only one missing right now – is U!


  • February 16th to February 26th, 2025

Cost of Attendance: $TBC

For more information, please contact Claudia Botero: cbotero@jct4education.com 

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