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My name is Danny Pernik. Since 2015, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of students to help them substantially increase grades and test scores, strengthen confidence in and out of the classroom, and get accepted into some of the most selective and prestigious universities in the country.

I love to tutor. I really enjoy getting to connect one-on-one with students as a peer rather than as an authority figure. Prior to Open Path Tutoring, I worked for two of the leading test prep companies in the country. I gained valuable perspective regarding not only the variety of test prep strategies but also the subtle art of building trust and rapport with high schoolers. Students tend to be more receptive to ideas or feedback when I share them than when a parent or teacher shares them. I feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to connect meaningfully with so many fantastic teenagers.

I love to explore and support ideas to change the world. Open Path Tutoring is the third entrepreneurial journey I’ve embarked upon since 2011. I love to explore ideas that forge new connections within communities and make the world a better place. I previously cofounded an organization called openCurrents that aimed to provide a living wage to volunteers of nonprofits through digital currency. Nonprofits issued 1 “Current” to volunteers for each hour worked, and businesses in the community gave discounts to volunteers in exchange for Currents.

I love to spend time with my family, play soccer, and grow my spiritual connection. Online tutoring has allowed me to spend more time with my son Ember and daughter Zeta as they grow up. It brings challenges too, of course, but I welcome the opportunity to grow. The kids are a long way from college, but when they start test prep, I will find them a tutor too. I know better than to expect them to listen to me!


– BS in Statistics and BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin – Madison

– Alum of St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

Danny Pernik | JCT Tutor